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Full Art Scenery
*As of today I've lowered the price to a more reasonable level*

Any art of request of scenery of any kind (example: Cartoons, Paleo-Art, etc.) will cost 20.00 and if paid in points 1600.

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The Liopleurodon looks amazing at best it looks like it belongs in Jurassic Park. Aside from accuracy there is a lot of descriptive det...

What I like about this piece of work is the deepened feel towards Godzilla himself, you can really see almost a sinister outlook in his...

by Miyess

This my friend is a beautiful reconstruction of the Segisaurus. It truly is...from neck to tail there is a great asset of detail in eve...

by Miyess

This picture is really amazing, I must say there is no need for changing as this artist as done all the right aspects to this beautiful...


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Happy Birthday, Nappa (Colored)
Here's the colored version. This will also be my entry in the :icondragonball-zartist:

I've been meaning to upload this; seriously I'm just happy to finally do a picture for Nappa celebrating his birthday...a lot progress was put into the lineart and coloring. Those three days really paid off and I couldn't be any more happier

Happy Birthday Nappa!

Trivia Fact: Nappa was born in the Year of Tiger, between the late month of January and February on the Ages of 703-704 (most likely 704). In our world, Nappa would be 77 and by the end of GT he'd be over 80 yrs old.

Bullet; Yellow Lineart & Color ~ Asuma17:iconasuma17:

Bullet; Yellow Lineart

Happy Birthday, Nappa *Lineart* by Asuma17

Background ~ lwisf3rxd:iconlwisf3rxd:
Tyrannosaurus-specimen Chart *update 2017*
*Correct size between the silhouettes is out of proportion and need to be fixed. Current studies are up to date and correct. Most of the silhouettes aren't the real specimens, but to represent them*

Update: Sizes of Jane and Charlie Bronw (AMNH 5027) are corrected based on my recent size study.

Well upon seeing how good the size chart series had been going and that I was also wanted to present this on Christmas Day. I give the grand stand of all the charts, here is a Tyrannosaurus!

Each silhouette represents all the known specimens that are well known including some lesser known ones as well (e.g. Thomas); sincerely I wanted to upload this way before than, but because of the uproar involving the Paleo-Nazis on my last set of size charts and theories; I couldn't bare the tension again; *they can be a pain*. A special algorithm I devised was similar to ScottHartman's study, but instead I went more technical. Using valid resource I compared an average sized, human male along side the AMNH Tyrannosaur specimen. Using a height chart I was able to correctly position where a human would stand appropriately beside a Tyrannosaurus. Measuring the femur and tibia (the upper and lower leg bones) of both a human and a Tyrannosaurus was a tricky situation, since relatively a human legs bones aren't exactly the same (exp: a human male has one shorter leg than the other) but I then thought of also using another dinosaur to figure this out; hence I used Giganotosaurus as a "trump card" to support more on this study as the dinosaur is closest example anywhere in Tyrannosaurus height and gave off more valuable evidence I could find, (exp: Giganotosaurus' femur is 4ft longer than Sue's roughly putting it up at 16ft or more less as the tibia is approx 5ft) The conclusion is that the generic scaling locates the average human, near the knee cap of a Tyrannosaurus *The theory proven correct by using the same form of data on three well known individuals, Sue, Stan and Jane*.

Most statistically was measuring the length of all the Tyrannosaurs specimens; the study took a tremendous 6-8 months just to complete.

Gathered up are all the individuals all accordingly from AMNH *whom I've named Charlie Brown* to Peck's Rex. Now I know all of your accurist are going to rant and say "OMG, you are so inaccurate and have no valid evidence and you're just cringe worthy to make your statement correct". However I've thoroughly examined each of the holotype specimens (the original fossils) that have been reconstructed and a kick to the saurian gut, but it's all valid evidence. So the consensus that a Tyrannosaurus couldn't have possibly reached up to 15ft is likely possible.

Jane needs to be rescaled, but she roughly stands 10ft tall like Charlie Brown; it stands about the same size has the other young Tyrannosaurs on the scale. Sue still holds her title as the largest Tyrannosaurus, but specimens such as Wyrex, Stan and Peck's along with Thomas are exceptionally taller, both reaching up to heights around 13-14ft (3-4 meters) tall. The chart also opens a door examining on the growth rates in Tyrannosaurs. By at least 15 years of age Tyrannosaurus reaches full growth (Thomas exemplifies this by being 17yrs of age), but doesn't stop growing in height given the individual. As for the juveniles by 2 years of age a Tyrannosaurus child is already the size of a Mastiff, a relatively large dog measuring at 0.76 meters (70-76 cm) in height *cut it short a kid Tyrannosaurus was roughly already half the size of Allosaurus*. Likely at such an young age and already thrilled enough for the hunt, a 2yr old T.Rex could probably clock it in at 40 or 50mph in short bursts. By the age of 10-14 a Tyrannosaurus has already into much of its body appearance and is about the size of an Elephant; standing either at 9ft tall or even 11ft. By research it has been determined that the length of a Tyrannosaurus stops by the age 20.

Bullet; Blue Juveniles

2yr Old T.Rex (5ft tall)

Bullet; Orange Adolescents

Charlie Brown (AMNH 5027) (10ft tall)

Jane (Nanotyrannus) (11ft tall)

RTM specimen (10ft tall)

Bucky (10ft tall)

CM 9380 (11ft tall)

Bullet; Pink Adults

Sue (13ft tall)

FSBM specimen (12ft tall)

Samson (12ft tall)

Big Mike (12ft tall)

Black Beauty (12ft tall)

Unknown AMNH specimen (13ft tall)

Stan (14ft tall)

Thomas (15ft tall)

Peck's Rex (15ft tall)

Arrow left Art Arrow right


Silhouettes are based off these guys |=<




Spike X Aki: Valentine's Kiss
Happy Valentines Day!!

This is a heartwarming picture, of Dr. Taylor and Aki
kissing; Since we've never seen these loving couple kiss.

I have decided to make this picture.

I personally love the touching picture it's nice beautiful and incredible, that it makes my heart melt, to see such an emotional moment.


*Sigh* I'm so tired.
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I'm a Mean Green Mother from Outer Space and I am Baaaaaaaaaad.

christmas goku and bulma by yuki13801
Thread Divider (Dragon Ball Z V3) by Zenruichi

Nappa sipping coffee by JD-Awesome

Green Tea (Japanese) by Asuma17
Green's soothing for any soul

Prince Vegeta Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Asylus Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Super Mario 64 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pikachu Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Powerpuff Girls Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Invader Zim Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Invader Zim Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Scooby-Doo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Shaggy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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Max Stamp by AzurethePanda
Requests Stamp by AraulsStamps Rex Stamp by AzurethePanda…:…:
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Improved Rod Signature by AzurethePanda

Characters I am!
dbz test……
Thread Divider (Dragon Ball Z V3) by Zenruichi
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X/Y Pikachu Cursor by mid0456

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:iconrainbow-splz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-uplz::iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-bplz::iconrainbow-iplz: WHY by sashun08
Hello fellow intellectuals, the names Asuma17; As I look at it I'm an excellent artist to my taste... It's no skin off my nose eventually. It's certainly inevitable for me to stop drawing, but in times it is officiate no? Some probably know me as the well creator of Godzilla vs. Koranga, M-S Allosaurus and i'm proud to present my fair work, hahaha... so come visit my channel and explore or even comment my work if you like.

There are many things that your gonna see on my account featuring your favorite characters which includes Vectors, Fan-art, Wallpapers and Screenshots you name it!

Theres nothing for any one to know in particular, I'm just a regular guy like most people....:iconihateitplz:

Kaiju Roars I made, trust me they rock!

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Love, Jazz, Classic, Slow, Techno, Opera, Western
Favourite style of art: Shading, Digital, Pencil, Ceramic,
MP3 player of choice: iPod, iTunes
Favourite cartoon character: Dr.Spike Taylor, Asuma Sarutobi, Invader Zim, Dib, Pucca, Garu, Toph, Sokka, Aang, Zuko, Katara, etc
Personal Quote: "I'm Mean and Green and I'm Bad"

How much respect do you have towards Akira Toriyama after the whole "Bulma has no last name" piasco? 

12 deviants said He's still great, and Dragon BALL ROCKS!
3 deviants said That's a suprise, but Toriyama's is still alright.
2 deviants said KILL HIM WITH FIRE!
1 deviant said I love Toriyama and Dragon Ball, but his inconsistencies are ridiculous!


Asuma17 has started a donation pool!
65 / 4,000
My goal this year is to help my neighbors dog; he's got cancer and it's leaving my neighbor truly devastated....he's the only family he has, and though my neighbor is a sociopathic jerk...I will do this donation for his dog's sake and another true good deed to my heart....if mine's and no one elses. This is what I want.

So please help save this poor pooch and save him from a world of hurt.

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Nappa Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2017, 9:00 PM
  • Listening to: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
  • Reading: Revenge of Nappa
  • Playing: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
  • Eating: Birthday Cake
  • Drinking: Bottle of Water

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Recent News :bulletgreen::bulletred:
Alright then I'm my original Raditz Journal by ParadiseofDarkness I had a ton of complaints of that it was to uneven for the menu bar. Scouter floated oddly "can't fix that it need to float" and it was to wide for small computers as well not tall in background.

I have fixed most of the problems. This version doesn't have the scouter because it's going to be a ADD-on. So if you want the scouter you can have it by coping the codes and adding it to the Raditz journal options. I will also have different versions of scouters too, they will be listed at the bottom of the deviations "Artist's Comments"!

:bulletred::bulletgreen: Recent News :bulletgreen::bulletred:


Credits! First goes to the person whom made the Raditz picture!
Raditz by Raykugen by Raykugen

I would of made the picture my self but I thought to get a professional picture.

Third and final goes to me I made the Menu bar, Raditz banner, background, running crab, scouter codes and frontal scouter picture.

It's the early of Feburary all over again; that means Nappa's birthday (s) is back once again for the joy and "suffering". So I pulling up another contest.

Okay so it is something I would like to bring up again. I know with each time I'm pull up a contest it is never finished or is cancelled for whatever reason. But really much I hope this contest will be more different.

The rules are the same and simple like before.


  1. The picture must involve Nappa. You may draw him celebrating his birthday or the plot can center around the idea or you may draw Nappa in "general" whether in a canon, crossover or a what-if battle. This includes renders *made by you if possible* and traditional art etc.

An example would be like this... Nappa  by Asuma17

Happy Birthday, Nappa *Lineart* by Asuma17

2. Nappa can be with other Dragon Ball characters (like Bulma or Vegeta); you may also have the privilege to add other characters in your art as well. As a choice you may also add yourself within the picture or Toriyama himself. 1-4 pictures per entry if you feel you have a better to present the Saiyan at his finest let me know by sending a note.

3. No nudity, or extreme graphics done to hurt or harm Nappa and other characters (hentai is accepted; and if you're are going to do nudity censor it.)

4. OCs (like Nappa's children are acceptable)

5. Different art variations other Toriyama's are accepted (they must no make fun of the character though; and not too much detail in realism).

6. Cosplays and alternate clothing of the Saiyan are accepted (This includes Nappa dressed as Wario, Trunks, Kamina (Gurren Lagann), Naruto, Alvin Seville or the many Nappa-like characters in DBZ for example.)

7. Transformations from (1-4 and SSGB) are accepted.

8. Contest ends on March 4 at 12:00am (EST)

9. *Sigh* and yes TFS is excepted; you may either drawn Nappa (TFS) by himself or in a group. Heck you can crossover him with the canon Nappa if you want.

10. Comics/manga *Drawn by you* are allowed

For example:
TeamFourStar Contest Entry by Shiroiyuki3


Prizes and gifts will be handed out after the contestant wins.

Nappa Emoticon 1st Prize Winners
  1. Winners will get a special drawn picture of their OC with Nappa
  2. You will get an audio congrats by Nappa himself
  3. You will also receive a special notice from either Kyle Hebert, Laura Bailey or Phil Parsons or Ocean dub's Michael Dobson himself (if I can ever find them)
  4. One of the famous Dragon Ball characters will give you a shout on their YouTube channel and possibly a track of Nappa singing and a custom DBZ theme song
  5. A Full Bio and theory on Nappa
  6. A chat on Skype with other DB characters.

Nappa Emoticon 2nd Prize Winners
  1. A picture drawn of Nappa congratulating the winner
  2. An audio recording from other DBZ characters like Piccolo or Krillin
  3. A special notice by Kyle Hebert or Phil Parsons
  4. Special an episode from your favorite Dragon Ball saga (minus GT)

Nappa Emoticon 3rd Prize Winners
  1. A picture drawn of Nappa insulting you; but still give you some credit for trying *is the way of a Saiyan's nature*
  2. A special notice from Kyle Hebert
  3. 15 Dragon Ball renders drawn by Asuma17

Nappa Emoticon 4th Prize Winners
  1. A picture drawn of Nappa destroying an entire city
  2. 4 DB renders
  3. A special notice from Vegeta (the cringe of every Nappa fan)
  4. And last, but not least...episode 43 of Dragon Ball GT where Nappa is killed the most horrid way yet. But I wouldn't do that to you I'll give you his death during the Saiyan Saga; how's that?

DAIRY QUEEN!!! by Suemoons

Now to be a fair sport for last year I'll be adding in previous contestants so that everybody gets a fitting chance...

:iconnappaplz::iconsaysplz:Now that we got that work fest out of the way you heard what the guy said. Either you draw me and celebrate my birthday or I'll be sure to come to where you live. KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Nappa the Queer by michelrpg

(This is no serious and is only a joke).

So anyways get out there, training hard to grow to a level of 40,000 or more and draw the best Nappa fanart you can. See ya until March!


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Have a wonderful day or night, Take care and god bless ♥
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Indeed I do. Thank you for the warm welcoming ~ Raven Smile Plz

Also about that contest I do have something available. This should be good enough...

Happy Birthday, Nappa (Colored) by Asuma17  
TheJackOFBlades15 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
That is a good picture ! 
But the picture has to be posted that way people can favorite it and vote ! 
Asuma17 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright well give just a moment to post it.
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You're very welcome. Sorry for the late reply....
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